Category: Defense & Military Industry

In Defense and Military Industries, durability and strength are number one, as the impact resistance and high temperature is the main requirement for the product application, which will be operated in a hazardous environment. Thus, the product will require many hard metals that require heat treatment. A military specification often includes tight tolerances for dimensions of parts and the ability to withstand extreme conditions. For example, industrial ovens are used during military equipment manufacturing for the curing, heat-treating, finishing, and many other processes in the production of the army vehicles, aircraft, gear, bullets, and more. Together with our heating equipment maker, we supply multiple heating equipment that offers the quality for uniquely refined products that can provide temperature precision control and repeatability.

Prolific Group also offers the defense and military industry multiple types of equipment that can process rare materials, as the usage of rare materials is also one key reason our heating equipment is perfect for testing and production. While the wide range of sizes caters to the small to large part volumes. The military industry is a substantial sector that uses many parts and equipment in large quantities. Sometimes these have to be supplied on little notice with short lead times.

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