Prolific Group has more than 8 years of experience cooperating with Nabertherm Gmbh to supply furnace in Thailand and neighboring country. Currently Prolific Group has proudly appointed as Official Distributor of Nabertherm for Thailand and neighboring countries.  Through Nabertherm’s wide range of furnace application & sizes; we are the only distributor & company who is able to support Nabertherm’s Turnkey Project Furnace which includes installation, commissioning, repair, maintenance and spare part supply.

With the strong technical capability of Prolific Group, not only sells you the furnace, but we are with you to discuss and suggest the best furnace for you, no matter what is your industry and application. Starts from simple laboratory furnace until the elaborate & complicated heat treatment furnaces.

Prolific Group are consist of experienced engineers that has been in heating process industries for more than 15 years.

Thermal Process Technology Industry

Tempering, carburizing, annealing, hardening and quenching, solution annealing, forging, curing, preheating, drying, ageing – these are only some of the applications which are possible with our extensive program of furnaces and plants. From the compact hardening furnace to fully-automatic plants with conveying technology and process documentation, for most heat treatment processes that are used in additive manufacturing, we will certainly find a solution tailored to your application.

Many metals require a heat treatment under protective, reaction gases or in vacuum. The heat treatment of aluminium, drying or preheating processes are usually processes in air.

Thermal Process Technology I

This catalog describes furnaces and equipment used for heat treatment processes in air, such as Tempering, Annealing, Hardening, Quenching, Solution Annealing, Ageing, Forging, Preheating, Drying, Curing.

Thermal Process Technology II

The catalog Thermal Process Technology II presents the various furnace concepts and accessories available, which can be used for the different processes under flammable or non-combustible reaction gases, in a salt bath or in vacuum.

Advanced Material Industry

In our business unit Advanced Materials, Nabertherm offer interesting solutions for many applications in powder metallurgy, technical ceramics, production of fuel cells and other innovative areas of application – as well as for ceramic 3D printing applications. The electrically heated or gas-fired furnaces can be operated in air, protective gas atmospheres or in a vacuum. Most of these furnaces can be specified for clean-room applications.

Starting with small laboratory furnaces up to fully automated combi furnace systems for debinding and sintering with exhaust gas cleaning systems (catalytic/thermal), we are sure to find a solution to meet your needs. With our wide range of standard furnaces we can provide for cost efficient concepts. Due to one of the biggest engineering departments in the furnace industry, we also can quote for all kind of customized solutions!

Additive Manufacturing Industry

Additive manufacturing allows for the direct conversion of design construction files into fully functional objects. With 3D-printing objects, from metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, sand or other materials are built-up in layers until they have reached their final shape.

Depending on the material, the layers are interconnected by means of a binder system or by laser technology.

Many methods of additive manufacturing require subsequent heat treatment of the manufactured components. The requirements for the furnaces for heat treatment depend on the component material, the working temperature, the atmosphere in the furnace and, of course, the additive production process.

Arts & Crafts Industry

Whether for hobby, schools, kindergardens or pottery studios – our product range Arts&Crafts covers almost all electrically and gas-fired kilns for pottery, glass- and china-painting, for fusing or even enameling. A best price performance ratio, the proverbial Nabertherm quality and short delivery times are convincing argues for these kilns.

Check out our Nabertherm furnace for Arts & Craft:

Dental Industry

High quality and an excellent price/performance ratio characterize the Nabertherm product range of furnaces and accessories for dental applications. Starting with burn-out furnaces for embedding and casting over a wide range of sintering furnaces for zirconia, translucent zirconia and alloys of CoCr as well as furnaces for annealing after laser sintering – the wide product range of Nabertherm certainly offers the perfect solution for your heat treatment process. Short delivery times – most furnaces are available from stock – roundup our service portfolio.


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