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Phoenix TM

Prolific Group, we work with a partner, PP Systems, to sell, rent, and service Phoenix TM data logger used in the Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) within the oven’s operating zones of Heat Treating Furnace, especially Sealed Quench Furnace used in the automotive (CQI-9) and agricultural machinery industry as well as the aircraft industry (AMS2750E).

As part of our one-stop service in supplying furnaces; we also supply the service for Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) in cooperation with PP Systems by using the technology from PHOENIX Temperature Measurement. Phoenix TM is a provider of ‘Thru-process’ Temperature measurement systems used to measure product and process temperature through industrial heat treatment processes.

The data logger travels safely through the furnace protected by a thermal barrier with none of the problems of trailing thermocouples. The comprehensive historic temperature record ‘temperature profile’ obtained allows you to understand, control, improve and certify the process. Whether heat treating metal, surveying furnaces, curing paint or powder coatings or even deep-frying chicken PhoenixTM can offer a temperature profiling solution.

This TUS is commonly done for General Heat Treatment, in which the process’s temperature is critical to ensure the quality of the physical properties of the workpiece. The TUS is separated into different temperature levels according to the thermocouple type and also the equipment’s temperature resistance, which are:

Phoenix Data Logger for Batch Furnace
Sample Survey with HTS02 for Batch Furnace

Phoenix TM has designed a specific system of HTS12 to fulfill the demand for continuous sealed carburizing furnaces with an integral oil quench. it is commonly used for heat-treating automotive parts such as gears, shafts, etc. The system is designed to monitor the whole process including oil quench, which it is the critical step to prevent part distortion and ensure carbon diffusion is performed to specification.

For more information on HTS12 Sealed Gas Carburizing with Integral Oil Quench, click here.

Data Logger HTS12 for Oil Quench Furnace

Commonly, water quench is used for Aluminum Heat Treatment; the manufacturing market aluminum is increasingly becoming the material of choice being lighter, safer, and more sustainable. Manufacturers looking to replace existing materials with aluminum are needing a new methodology to prove that the new thermal processing of aluminum parts and products is done to specification, efficiently, and economically. Helping with this need PhoenixTM offers a range of Temperature profiling solutions designed specifically for applications in the Aluminium manufacturing market.

One of the technologies developed by Phoenix TM for the Aluminum Solution Heat Treatment and Age Hardening (T6) process is HTS06; in which the system is capable of running continuously through all three processes of preheating, quenching, and reheating without interruption.

If you require more information about Phoenix TM and Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) for your heat treatment process, don’t hesitate to contact us.


TUS and SAT for Furnace Performance Monitoring and Improvement