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We have certified tools and machines that compliance to global standards intended to mitigate the risks of break down, electric shock, personal injury and environmental hazards of clients company. Further, we strive to promote the most reliable, knowledgeable and professional services in on all services to improving understanding of furnaces and providing a better quality product to the customer.

PES also have trained welders and engineers to offer superior steel engineering who embrace challenges and are committed to quality and customer service.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is proposed to stream online energy data for energy monitoring of the holding furnace. The energy data captured by digital power meters and PLCs was transferred to a central server using real-time Ethernet to better understand the process and identify improvement potentials.

Change Seal Kits & Helium Test Leak Vacuum Furnace

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A leader in industrial heaters and furnaces, serves Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Our expertise in design, manufacturing, and maintenance caters to diverse industries. We provide eco-friendly, energy-efficient heating solutions. Partner with us for unparalleled service and innovation. Contact us today to learn how Prolific Group can enhance your heating needs: "Our Heat is Your Improvement."

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