PHI Casting Parts

PHI caters spare part for multiple industries process with highly durable casting parts. A synergy of our partnership with leader in heat-resistant manufacturers to our customers with product of highest caliber.

PHI has committed to the industry with high resistant casting parts and heat-resistant component parts for decades.

With the experience to supply to many companies in South Korea and other countries such as POSCO , Hyundai Steel , Hyundai , KIA Motors , Bluescope , Kobelco and many more , through Prolific Heating International Co., Ltd; GPM has been expanding market to South East Asia.

We supply casting parts that are qualified in weight reduction, energy efficiency, durability, and easy maintenance for the value up of the parts such as the recuperator, skid riders and other wheel used in industrial ovens and heat-treating furnaces that operate at elevated temperatures.

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality casting parts at the most competitive cost and we also offer inventory and stocking programs that align with your just-in-time delivery needs.

We supplies the quality custom, semi-custom, and standard fan wheels ranging from heavy duty industrial process fans to OEM fan wheels.

We supply high efficiency industrial recuperator for waste heat recovery. Generally, they are used to extract heat from the exhaust gases, use it to preheat air entering the burners, and special purpose counter-flow energy recovery heat exchanger

We supply special alloy skid riders that are delivered in a wide range of Iron-Nickel- and Cobalt- base alloys for your furnace.

Casting muffles are robust construction designed for rapid heating. They are useful for heat treating of small parts in rubber, ash contents, plastic, chemical, ceramics, and industrial application.

Furnace roller is made from stainless steel, high Ni-Cr heat-resistant steel. They have shorter process time and higher production efficiency.

The walking beams are used to moving a number of items or baskets of parts from one process step to the next through the use of an indexing system. They are usually positioned above the process path but is offset to the side in some cases.


Centrifugal Casting Tube & Roller

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