PHI Graphite and Carbon Fiber-reinforced Carbon (CFC) Material – “Graphite Materials”

(Up to 2000 °C)


PHI is Cooperating with Graphite Materials GmbH, which is a graphite and CFC/carbon component manufacturing company, a system supplier for high-temperature applications, and a distribution partner for graphite electrodes. We supply high-quality carbon and graphite heaters, vacuum furnace spare parts, and furnace carbon heating systems.

Starts from receiving your requirement, we are supporting for design & custom made graphite & carbon material. We supply high-quality graphite and carbon material in various shapes such as sheet, disc, cylinder, etc. The surface treatment of all types is possible and comparable to felt.

Graphite is the stable modification of carbon with hexagonal crystal lattice made from superimposed flat carbon layers; thus, it offers excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Its mechanical strength increases greatly with a rising temperature up to about 2500 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, CFC is greatly reinforced by carbon fiber, which creates highly stable material resistant and break-proof, lightweight, rigid, and thermally stable. The typical application temperature of CFC is between 1000 and 2000 Degree Celsius. The material requirements for aerospace engineering drove the creation of the CFC; thus, this material has been tested and proven for its quality.

Application of Graphite & CFC

  1. CFC Fixtures (Jigs & Tray)
  2. Vacuum Furnace Components – Heating Chamber linings and repairs
  3. Crucibles
  4. High temperature Insulation
  5. Roller conveyors in powder metallurgy

Benefits of using Graphite & CFC

  1. Dimensionally stable over high heat
  2. Impact-resistant & break-proof
  3. Light weight
  4. Durable
  5. Energy saving compared to metallic fixtures
  6. Reducing downtime for the replacement of vacuum furnace components
  7. Customisable
  8. Minimal Distortion

We are supplying graphite and carbon material according to your requirement & design, we can also include these materials as the solution for your problem in the manufacturing process.

Application References

Vacuum Furnace Chamber Overhaul