PES Services

Prolific Engineering & Services Co., Ltd (PES) History


On December 12, 2012; Prolific Group expanded into 2 companies, in which Prolific Engineering & Service Co., Ltd. (PES) becomes the addition to the Prolific Heating International Co., Ltd. (PHI) in order to fully serve ever increasing customers. PHI focuses on design, manufacture, trading and servicing of heater and heating related equipment, while PES focuses on design & manufacture, repairing/servicing of furnaces and other related services. As a result, Prolific Group has comprehensive products and services for extensive heating and furnace industries.

Prolific Engineering and Services (PES)
“Heart of Furnace”

  • Established on : December 12, 2012
  • Line of Business :
    • Repair & Preventive Maintenance (Overhaul, Installation, & etc)
    • Manufacturing (In-house or other furnace)
    • After services (IPSEN & Nabertherm)
    • Retrofit (Prothermal Business Solution)
    • Other services


Site references


IPSEN Vacuum Furnace Installation Support

As the appointed Authorized Representative […]

Vacuum Furnaces

Vacuum Furnace Repair by PES Team

Our Prolific Engineering and Services […]


SiC Heater “EREMA” Installation & Thrystor’s Adjustment for Bright Annealing Furnace

Prolific Engineering and Service Co., […]


Immersion Heaters for Asphalt Industry

immersion heater for asphalt industry

Industrial Heater

PHI General Industrial Heater

References PHI Industry Heater

Nabertherm Furnace

Installation of Nabertherm Drying Oven WK 17500

References Furnace Maker – Nabertherm


PHI Production – Radiant Heater

References New Product Radiant Heater […]

Vacuum Carburizing Furnace

Telescope Testing for Vacuum Carburizing Furnace

Preventive Maintenance

PM of High Heat Chamber-Roller Hearth Furnace – Gas Type Annealing Furnace

Preventive Maintenance Project of Furnace as one of the service from PES to keep Furnace in High Performance

Overhaul of Quenching Furnace

Overhaul Project of Quenching Furnace – Vietnam

Overseas Overhaul Project done by Prolific Engineering & Service Team

IPSEN Atmoshpere Furnace

IPSEN’s Turnkey Project for Atmospheric Furnace

Prolific Group support for turnkey project which includes delivery, installation, and commissioning

HOPE Burner

Burner Cleaning for Bright Annealing Furnace

PES Team working to replace and clean HOPE Burner


Checking Radiant Heater of Bright Annealing Furnace (BAF)


Installed Gas Cooler For Normalizing Furnace


Changed & Installation of Radiant Heater of Normalizing Mesh Belt Furnace


Salt Batch Cleaning & OH_Tokyo Gasden-Ro

PHI Wire & Strips

PHI Production – Wire & Strips


Vacuum Furnace Chamber Overhaul


Gas Generator Reparing RT_Ni-Strip


Furnace Muffles Repairing Job


New Design & Improvement of Lost Wax Heating Furnace


Heat Loss Prevention : Brazing Furnace


Installation Mesh Belt TGD Furnace


PES Installation New Al Brazing Furnace


Installation of Cooling Jacket for Cooper Brazing Furnace


Changed Cooling Muffles_Al-Brazing Furnace


Homogenized Billet – Aluminum_No.2


New TD Coating Line_Install & Test Run


Radiant Heater Checking and Installation for Steel Industry


Quenching Furnace Overhaul of NTT


Changed Rollers & Chain Guide_MB Furnace


Install Mesh Belt Gas-Carburizing Furnace


Overhaul of ISO-Normalizing Mesh Belt Furnace


Rotary Type Heater Replacement