PHI Basket, Jig & Tray

Advanced heat treatment basket, jigs & tray can be produced professionally through problem solving discussion, customized design and professional work both by PHI and Mikuni Kiko Co.,Ltd.


Designing to Your Requirement

With the long experiences in furnace industry, especially heat treatment Industry, Prolific Heating International (PHI) is very adept with the furnace spare part and together with our loyal customers has developed variety of product to complement your furnace functionality and productivity.

Backed with long lasting cooperation with one of well-known basket, jig & tray maker for heat treatment industries, Prolific Group proudly presenting a product line which fit to your production capacity. With our own designers in hand, we can design jig and tray to needs, or based on your own furnace design.

  • Heat-treatment jigs design, production and distribution
  • Lost-wax products
  • Sand casting products
  • Stainless welding products
  • Various industrial furnace maintenance
  • Industrial furnace heater design, production and distribution
  • Various types of plant engineering and construction

Product References

Considering your Need & Process

In order to satisfy customer’s requirement; we strive to supply the best product available by considering the process in the customer’s facility, furnace condition, charging method, weight of the workpiece, furnace’s environment and etc.

In order to increase the lifetime of the basket, jig & tray, best material also chosen accordingly.

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References of other solution for your furnace spare part

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