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With the increasing technology in the electronic industry, we have acquired customers in the electronic industry with multiple productions of ceramic, resistors, and electronics that are supplied with our heating system.

Even in the productions for electronic industry, heating is still an important process in the production, such as for example for the production of the semiconductor in which in the etching process, baking to harden the material then exposed to a chemical solution or plasma (gas discharge) thus the area not covered by the hardened photoresist is etched away. Then another sample is a baking furnace used for the production of the ceramics in capacitors or resistors.

While with the increasing trend on the Electric Vehicle (EV), the importance of Electronic Manufacturing Service also following rapidly.   the EV (Electric Vehicle) market will be the most profitable within the automotive industry, according to several studies.

With an ever-increasing electronic content per vehicle, energy-related sub-assemblies and modules as well as the charging infrastructure needed as an ecosystem; it is a huge opportunity for EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) companies to jump into this aggressively growing market, serving the leading Electric Vehicles (EV) manufacturers.

We are ready to support the EMS companies productions and  we are capable of supplying:

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