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 Enhancing Efficiency and Precision: The Manufacturing Process of Furnace Radiant Heaters


Prolific Group is proud to be one of the manufacturer for high quality Radiant Tube Heater or commonly also called Bundle Rod Heater. It has become one of the most highlighted and best selling product of Prolific Heating International Co., Ltd. 

Radiant heaters are still the choice for many of the furnace makers for various industries, from steel manufacturing to heat treatment. Among the key players in this market, Prolific Heating International (PHI) stands out as a leading manufacturer of radiant heaters. In this article, we will explore the intricate process of manufacturing furnace radiant heaters, also known as radiant heater tubes, and understand how PHI has established itself as a household name in the steel and heat treatment industries.

Understanding Radiant Heaters

A furnace radiant heater, specifically the radiant tube heater, is an essential component used in applications where precise and efficient heating is required. These heaters consist of a heat-resistant alloy tube in which heating elements are attached or embedded into ceramics.

This design ensures the efficient transfer of heat while withstanding high temperatures, making radiant heaters suitable for various industries. Most of the time, the Radiant heater will be protected with a protection tube in its implementation in the furnace.

Applications of Radiant Heaters

Furnace radiant heaters have various industrial applications in ovens and furnaces where controlled heating is required. They are designed to emit infrared radiation, which is absorbed by the material being heated, leading to efficient and uniform heat transfer. Here are some industrial applications where radiant heaters are commonly used:

  • Aging: Radiant heaters can be used in aging ovens to heat-treat metals and alloys, improving their mechanical properties.
  • Annealing: Annealing is a heat treatment process used to soften materials. Radiant heaters are suitable for annealing furnaces to achieve the desired material properties.
  • Brazing: Radiant heaters can provide precise and localized heating for brazing processes, where two or more materials are joined using a filler metal.
  • Hardening: In hardening processes, materials are heated to a high temperature and then rapidly quenched. Radiant heaters can provide the initial heating stage in hardening furnaces.
  • Heat Treating: Heat treating involves a wide range of processes for altering the properties of materials, such as tempering, normalizing, and quenching. Radiant heaters are used for the initial heating steps in many of these processes.
  • Holding: In some industrial processes, materials need to be held at a specific temperature for a set period. Radiant heaters can maintain consistent and controlled temperatures in holding furnaces.
  • Muffle Furnaces: These are used for applications that require a controlled atmosphere, like the heat treatment of ceramics or special metals. Radiant heaters can provide the required heat in these furnaces.
  • Carburizing: Carburizing is a surface-hardening process that introduces carbon into the surface layer of a metal. Radiant heaters can provide the initial heating stage in carburizing furnaces.

The Manufacturing Process

Radiant Heater Services:

Radiant Heater Installation Position: Vertical and horizontal directions
Material of radiant tube: SUS310s, Centrifugal casting tube, SiSiC tube, Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride), etc.

Radiant heaters, often called furnace radiant heaters or radiant heater tubes, are indispensable in industries where precise and uniform heating is necessary. Prolific Heating International (PHI) has emerged as a leading manufacturer in this field, offering high-quality, durable, and customizable radiant heaters. Their commitment to quality and dedication to serving the steel and heat treatment industries have made them a household name in the business.

Incorporating a furnace radiant heater from PHI into your industrial processes can significantly enhance efficiency and precision, ultimately contributing to the success of your operations. Whether you are in the steel industry, heat treatment, or any other sector that demands reliable and consistent heating solutions, PHI’s radiant heaters are a top choice, because Prolific understands that “Our Heat is your Improvement”.


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