PHI Radiant Tube Heater 


Prolific Group is proud to be one of the manufacturer for high quality Radiant Tube Heater or commonly also called Bundle Rod Heater. It has become one of the most highlighted and best selling product of Prolific Heating International Co., Ltd. 

The electric radiant tubes heater / bundle rod consists of heat-resistant alloy tube in which heating element are attached or embedded into ceramics. It is used for multiple industry, which most commonly used in the steel industry and put into radiant tube, thus it is called radiant tube heater; meanwhile the other application is in gas carburizing and it is also suitable for ceramic fiber lined furnaces as well as general purpose furnace owing to ease of installation and replacement.

Application : Air, Exothermic gas, NX gas, Carburizing and Batch type furnace

Installation : Longitudinal and lateral directions

Material of radiant tube : SUS310s, Centrifugal casting tube, SiSiC tube, etc.

For application, Radiant Heater is suitable for Industrial Ovens and Furnaces for aging, annealing, brazing, hardening, heat treating, holding, melting, muffle, pit, powder coating, or sintering

Moreover, our design is carefully crafted to give the optimum solution to meet the different target from customers. That’s why our product is “made by other” to avoid any mismatching during setting up and operating.

Understanding the concern in repairing the common broken heater, Prolific Group have designed a concept to share the worry with customer, because Prolific understand that “Our Heat is your Improvement”


Heater Repairing Concept

PHI Production – Radiant Heater

Changed & Installation of Radiant Heater