Category: Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemicals industry has evolved from oil and gas processing by adding value to low-value by-products, which have limited use in the fuels industry. The sector now produces a remarkable range of valuable products, including plastics, synthetic rubber, solvents, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, additives, explosives, and adhesives. These materials have critical applications in almost all areas of modern society. Petrochemical products are used in cars, packaging, household goods, medical equipment, paints, clothing, and building material, just a few typical applications. Furthermore, the industry continues to innovate through new technology and the ability to process different raw materials.

The petrochemicals industry sources raw materials from refining and gas processing and converts these raw materials into valuable products using various chemical process technologies. A variety of feedstocks is used as raw materials. The petrochemicals industry is competitive, involves significant technological innovation, is capital intensive, and operates in a global product market. Historically the industry evolved out of technological innovation in the developed industrialized economies. Specialist chemical companies purchase raw materials to produce a wide range of commodity and specialty petrochemicals. The major oil and gas companies are also large petrochemical producers and have been at the leading edge of many technological developments. (R.J. Clews, in Project Finance for the International Petroleum Industry, 2016)

One of the parts of the production in the chemical and petrochemical industry that cannot be separated is the usage of the heating equipment in the production, no matter the use of the heater, kiln, furnace, or even a simple laboratory furnace. Thus, with the demand for the heating equipment in the chemical and petrochemical industry; Prolific Group has started to gain acknowledgment in Thailand as a supplier to the Chemical and Petrochemical industry through the heating equipment products of: