PHI Furnace Insulation System


We are supplying insulation system and installation solution for industrial furnaces from the leading manufacturer of refractory fibers products up to 1800 °c.

Furnace Insulation is one of the key part to determine how your furnace is operating, with the right type of furnace insulation, and the correct installation, it will increase your furnace temperature uniformity, and also supporting the heater’s performance.

High temperature insulation technology must make economic use of the properties of insulation materials and systems, while observing the laws of physics and chemistry.

The comprehensive Promat supply range satisfies the demand for optimum planning, calculation and design, right down to the smallest details. Coordinated planning presupposes that the designer determines the physical and chemical requirements and factors of influence according to the system in question.

The most appropriate insulating materials, systems and components are then selected to provide maximum efficiency. The following explanations and conversion tables should help you in your selection.

We import and supply insulator product from the leading manufacturer of refractory fibers products up to 1800 °c. Not only producing standard products , our suppliers’ will customize to fit the demanding requirements of specific applications.

The product range includes ;

  • Refractory components for furnace & kiln
  • Fiber insulated heaters
  • Molten metal delivery and handing
  • Refractory for aluminium die casting

Providing the solution in Refractory and insulation for all heating equipment ;

  • New build
  • Repair
  • Maintenance and overhaul
  • Efficiency improvement

Industry related

  • Steel Industry
  • Aluminium Industry
  • Foundry
  • etc.

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