PHI Electric Furnace “ELEPOT”

Reducing Cost

Faster Production

In cooperation with Japanese Furnace Maker, Hata Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd, started manufacturing various types of heat treatment equipment and drying equipment, including electric furnaces in 1950. We distribute HATA’s small-scale electric furnace to all sizes of customized furnaces. See the details on Electric Furnaces manufactured by HATA below:

We introduce a portable electric furnace that you can install everywhere. ELEPOT is a space-saving size that has been pursued to allow you to move and carry the furnace everywhere by adapting light ceramic fiber for thermal insulation material. This lightweight furnace has been achieved by installing an air layer between the outer wall and the furnace. This Electric Furnace aims to cater low cost and increase work speed for multiple industries that require:

  • Quenching, tempering and annealing of steel
  • Melting and sintering of metal
  • Heating for shrink-fit and processing
  • Solution heat treatment, stress relief treatment, aging heat treatment
  • other heat treatments (up to 11500C


  1. Low Price
  2. Installed anywhere & light in weight
  3. Energy-saving Electric Furnace
  4. Cylindrical in shape, with optimum heat up and easly loading/unloading.
  5. User friendly operation
  6. Built-in safety feature to prevent overheating included (Except Elepot “LU Model”)

Built-in Features of Electric Furnace – Elepot

*1) Excluding control panel *2) Excluding liner piece and hearth plate

Important note: The voltage in the Power Requirement can be adjusted according to the requirement of the customer’s power supply such as Thailand’s power requirement.

ELEPOT Additional Features and Options:

  • Upper Lid Hole processing for releasing gas or smoke, which is used effectively together with “in-furnace protection case”.
  • In-Furnace Protection Case is a stainless-steel cover. The case is cylindrical that covers the whole furnace from the edge part of ELEPOT electric furnace to protect heater ceramic part from smoke/gas from work piece or scale, and metal spill during melting.
  • Double-Decker; If the inside of the furnace is not enough in the standard model, the height inside the furnace can be doubled by connecting the heater units and stacking them in two levels. This method is suitable for long objects. Configuration up to 3 levels can be manufactured.
  • Melting Pot and Pedestal; this set is suitable for melting when used in ELEPOT electric furnace. The sizes of the set can be adjust accordingly.
  • Change in Voltage, voltages of the furnace can be adjusted according the requirement of the customer’s power supply.
  • Nitrogen Atmosphere Specification; the main body could be complemented with piping for injecting nitrogen gas and a flow meter into the furnace. High-temperature heat treatment easily caused oxidation and decarbonization that cause insufficient hardness. This could be avoided by filling the furnace with nitrogen gas and reducing oxygen.
  • Inner Cover; By installing an inner cover in the furnace when injecting nitrogen gas, a highly sealed space can be created. As a result, the inside of the furnace is double-sealed, which can be expected to reduce oxidation and decarburization. Because of its design with the openable top lid, it is possible to take out only the work without taking out the entire inner cover after the processing. (Available only when using the “nitrogen atmosphere” option)
  • Bottom Reinforcement (30 kg/50 kg). By reinforcing the bottom, the processing weight can be changed (remodeled) to “30kg or less” or “50kg or less”, and heavy objects can be processed. (Applicable to LH model only)
  • Processing by Hanging; Installation of a heat-resistant round bar on the frame of the furnace so that the work can be hung. It is suitable for the situations such as “in an environment where the work cannot be put on the floor”, “to reduce the warpage and distortion of the work”, and “to process of thin plates and blades”.
  • Program Temperature Controller; Normal specifications do not allow multiple temperatures to be set. The “program temperature controller” allows you to set the temperature gradient up to “1 pat-tern / 9 steps”, expanding the range of use. You can raise the temperature through stages or slowly increase the temperature. (Natural cooling is the way to lower the temperature.)
  • Safety Timer Under normal specifications, a buzzer sounds when the set temperature is reached and the holding time has elapsed, notifying that processing has been completed. At that time, the heater keeps ON and maintains the temperature. When using the “Safety Timer”, the heater is automatically turned off after the holding time has elapsed instead of sounding the buzzer. It can also be used safe-ly as a measure against forgetting to turn off the power. It is also effective as a consideration for the neighbourhood by the buzzer sound at night work.
ELEPOT Demonstration

Seal peel is plastic in which oils and fats are mixed. seal peel is solid at normal temperature, but it is melted when heated. it returns to a solid body when the normal temperature is reached. With this property, the seal peel wraps whole the products and protects them from rust or damage (can also partially protect products.

This step is useful for the tooling industry or any kind of industry, which tooling is used often in order to extend the lifetime of the tooling by protecting it with seal peel.

Application of Seal Peel:

  1. Rust Prevention
  2. Protection from Scratches and Impacts
  3. Parts Storage
  4. Insulation
  5. Moisture Proof
  6. Packing for Shipping

Advantages of Seal Peel :

  • Recycle

It is re-usable because the peeled film can be re-used if it’s heated and melted again

  • Hard to Break

Seal peel protects metal products from rust, corrosion, dust, moisture, oxidation, damage, sulfur fume, abrasion, impact, sea breeze, saltwater, etc., also, it is resistant to voltage and insulation, and the film has elasticity, so it is hard to break even when handling articles roughly.

  • Easy to Peel Off

The transparent coating allows see-through, eliminating the need to open the package before use or to inspect stored parts before using them. And when using the parts, you can easily peel it off like peeling a banana.

  • Saving

It saves labor and time compared to conventional packaging and has the advantage of reducing space and weight for transportation. It is a rustproof packaging material that can be stored and packed

Built-in Features of Seal Peel

※Other dimensions are available upon request. Please feel free to contact us

Avoiding Problems of Oxidation or Decarburization after Heat Treatment

Vacuum Method and Reducing Agent Method

Stainless steel foil for oxidation prevention.
There are two types of methods: a vacuum method that removes oxygen by deflating air, and a reducing agent method that eliminates oxygen using a chemical reaction.
※ Even without using a vacuum furnace or atmosphere furnace, heat treatment as close as possible to non-oxidation and non-decarburization can be easily performed.

Reducing Agent System (Containing 1 bags per set)

Vacuum System (Containing 10 bags per set)

Rolled stainless steel foil (10m) is also available.

■Vacuum pump (for vacuum method) 100V 10W (with hose and clay)
■Rolled stainless steel foil (width 300mm ×10m × 0.06mm thick)

Application of ELEPAK

  1. Non-decarburizing heat treatment of steel
  2. Vacuum heat treatment of steel (no vacuum furnace is required)
  3. Brightening of copper alloy, aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals
  4. Silver brazing, brass brazing, copper brazing, etc.
  5. In addition, heat treatment of objects that need to prevent oxidation and combus-tion by heating in air

Features of ELEPAK

  1. Stainless steel foil specially processed into a bag shape
  2. It can be heated and cooled as it is after sealing, so bright heat treatment is pos-sible.
  3. Prevents oxidation and decarburization of the work, eliminating surface rough-ness and insufficient hardness, contributing to labor savings in the finishing pro-cess. (Effects vary depending on processing conditions. Not all effects are guaranteed.)

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