Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Subtractive manufacturing comes with an inevitably high cost, but with Tecnoil, industrial vacuum cleaner from Delfin® provide a simple way to recycle production waste.



Metal cutting processes are industrial processes in which metal parts are shaped by removal of unwanted material. It using highly productive machinery with high cutting speeds requires large flows of coolant, oil, and produces metal chips.

Managing metal chips and lubricant is an old problem in engineering and automotive industries. However the cleaning and maintenance of machine tools is an inevitable cost. But today there is a simple, fast and efficient way to minimize this cost. We offer solution for cleaning in vacuum applications from Delfin. All Delfin vacuums and systems are 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Tecnoil vacuums are designed to suck up coolant and lubricant oils, liquids mixed with shavings, and to separate solid parts from liquids, thus making it possible to use again the collected oil in the machine tools, with significant savings. Delfin vacuums are the perfect tools to reduce time required to empty tanks (from 5 to 1 hour to empty a 1000 lt. tank), increasing simultaneously the quality of the cleaning and the operator’s safety.

Using a Tecnoil vacuum guarantees a return on investment and subsequent saving, due to the following advantages:


  • Using several times the same oil and coolant, thus reducing the cost of buying them new
  • Saving on the oil disposal cost


  • Reducing machine tools maintenance time
  • Need of just one operator to carry out machine tool cleaning
  • Reduction of machine tools stand by time



Compact and powerful vacuum cleaners for the suction of oils and chips with an integrated discharge hose for liquids. Level control, floating device, sieve grid for the separation and disposal of metal chips. The duration of the vacuum cleaner is ensured by different levels of filtration specific to the type of liquid withdrawed.

Single-phase vacuum cleaner for separating and recycling oil and metal chips

Vacuum cleaner for separating swarfs and recycling lubricating oils

Vacuum cleaner for separating swarfs and recycling lubricating oils

Vacuum cleaners for medium amounts of oil and chips. Discharge system through reverse flow by means of a hose. Level control, floating device and detachable sieve grid. Different filtration levels guarantee the safety and the duration of the vacuum cleaner, even when withdrawing muddy sludge.

Vacuum separator for large quantities of solids and liquids

Three-phase industrial vacuum for CNC machine tool maintenance

Industrial vacuum for CNC machine tool maintenance

Industrial vacuum cleaners for large amounts of oils and metal chips with integrated discharge system for liquids. Very suitable to clean and maintain large tanks on big machine tool controllers.

Industrial vacuum cleaner for emptying tanks and reservoirs

Industrial vacuum cleaner for CNC machine tool maintenance



  1. Reversed airflow or independent pump system, for fast discharge of the collected liquids (100 lt / min. to 300 lt. / min)
  2. Extractible container for disposal of metal chips. Alternative tilting hopper discharge system
  3. Visual level indicator and/or integrated floating level sensor, to stop the suction when the container is full of liquids.



Tecnoil vacuums are equipped with powerful motors, single or three phase. The range spans from 2.3 KW up to 11 KW: more powerful systems can be designed upon customers’ request.


Extractible sieve basket to separate metal chips, with integrated floating device to stop the suction when container is full of liquids. Additional 3D SUPERWEB filter to filter lighter oils and oil mist. Water-oil proof polyester cartridge filter, with external PTFE membrane providing 2.7 m2 surface and efficiency class H13


The best vacuums need the best accessories to guarantee the best performances. We support specific accessories kits designed to collect chips and lubricant oils, and a complete array of optional technical accessories from Delfin.

Delfin also available for other industries such as:

  • Steel Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Paint Industry

For more information on Delfin Products, contact us here.

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