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up to 1200 °C (Kerfa)




Prolific Group cooperates with Kerfa®to serve the industry of industrial furnaces and applicances with an extensive range of innovative system solutions.

Prolific Group cooperates with Kerfa ® from Germany to serve the industry of industrial furnaces and appliances with an extensive range of innovative system solutions of heater & heating elements. As one of the well-known German Company, Kerfa® produces efficient and long-lasting electric resistive heating elements as well as efficient heating and environmentally friendly insulating systems containing vacuum-formed ceramic or bio fibers.

– Kerfa® electric resistive heating featuring high power density
– High temperature precision
– High efficiency due to distance from furnace wall heating wire

Customer benefits

Energy-optimized furnace materials generate enormous customer benefits in terms of lower
energy cost and longer production times. High plant availability by quick:

  • Temperature adjustment
  • High energy efficiency
  • Long system service life
  • Lower maintenance requirement
  • Reduced storage cost by flexible production at Kerfa

Fields of application

  • Industrial furnace
  • Laboratory furnace
  • Melting and holding furnaces for non-ferrous metals
  • Thermal treatment facilities
  • Protective gas generators
  • Heating equipment and apparatus


  • Vacuum-formed Kerfa® SAVAC® insulating systems for gas-fired furnaces
  • Vacuum-formed Kerfa® SAVAC® insulating systems for electrically heated furnaces
  • Electric Kerfa® SAVAC® heating systems, embedded
  • Electric Kerfa® SAVAC® heating systems, suspended
  • Installation-ready Kerfa® heating elements
  • Custom solutions
  • Extensive accessories
  • Spare parts

Kerfa® special product: Meander heating system suspended at a distance from the furnace wall with high positional stability

The standard surface loading for Kerfa® meander heating systems is 40 kW/m².

Customer benefits:
Smaller furnace dimensions : Lower investment costs
Positionally stable suspension : Process stability
Lower maintenance requirements : Reduced operating costs


Kerfa® uses as main components heating systems out of electric resistive wires made from different alloys and vacuum formed insulating systems made of aluminum- or alkali earth silicate.

Temperature ranges

Kerfa® SAVAC® insulating systems: Max. 1600°C

Kerfa® heating elements: Max. 1400°C

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