Prolific Group cooperates with IBIDEN Ceram GmbH, which has a more than 100 years history of producing technical ceramics and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial ceramic honeycomb. CERAM’s product portfolio consists of SCR Honeycomb and plate catalysts for stationary, marine, and automotive applications as well as non-catalytic ceramic honeycomb for regenerative thermal processes. The cooperation between Prolific Group and IBIDEN Ceram GmbH is focused on such regenerative thermal applications.

IBIDEN Ceram GmbH supports global customers with its subsidiaries and sales partners with ceramic honeycomb and other industrial ceramic applications. The products and services have been recognized and appreciated worldwide under the CERAM brand. The high-quality standard of CERAM products is manufactured solely in Austria, while services and processes are the basis for the favorable long-term development of IBIDEN Ceram GmbH, including the company’s continuous development and quality standard improvements.

One of CERAM’s product lines for regenerative thermal processes is:

Ceramic Honeycombs

Ceramic honeycombs are applied as heat storage media in regenerative thermal processes to recover thermal energy. Typical application examples are thermal air pollution abatement systems, based on regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO), thermal regenerators for process gases and burner systems (RBA), and heat storage media for decentralized Regenerative Housing Ventilation systems (RHV).

The main area of application for ceramic honeycombs are still RTOs for the destruction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), however, Regenerative Burner Applications within the metal industry represent a high potential future market trend.

Regenerator beds in RTO systems have to meet many requirements under often very drastic conditions. The properties of ceramic honeycomb must therefore be tailored to different requirements. For this reason, an optimized material was developed for every application. The right combination of the different materials within a heat storage bed will lead to an optimum result.

RTO Industry Applications:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical industries
  • Paint Manufacturing Industry
  • Surface Coating Industry
  • Paper manufacturers
  • Wood processing companies
  • Electronics Industry
  • Semiconductor industries
  • Regenerative Burner
  • RTO System


  • Highest possible heat recovery at the lowest possible pressure drop due to the structured packing using ceramic honeycomb compared to conventional random packing technologies (ceramic saddles or plates).
  • Defined linear flow prevents particle deposits and chemical attacks.
  • Simple operation and very low operating and maintenance costs
  • Ceramic Honeycomb regenerator systems are extremely reliable and economically efficient solution.

Honeycomb Product Line & Its Property Applications:

Product LinePropertiesApplications
NT and LA10Dense, very high heat storage capacity, acid-resistantStandard application and acidic stress
HTResistant to high operating temperaturesSuitable for very high application temperatures (1100°C ≤ Tox ≤1500°C)
MKResistant to high swings and thermal shocksSuitable for high thermal stress
CRChemical resistant (especially Alkaline)For corrosive exhaust gases such as halogen compounds or strong alkaline exposure
Table 1 Honeycomb Product Line

CERAM honeycomb ceramics are offered in a wide variety of structures, dimensions, and materials and provide the OEMs for air pollution control equipment ideal solutions to manage any exhaust air problem.

We would be happy to assist you in designing a regenerator bed. The necessary technical parameters for an optimized bed design are

Gas Flow RateV [Nm3/h]
Inlet TemperatureTin [0C]
Oxidation TemperatureTox [0C]
Max. Outlet TemperatureTout [0C]
Max. Pressure Dropdelta p [mbar]
Cycle Timet [s]
Table 2. Technical Parameters for RTO

As well as VOC type, dust content, corrosive components of the exhaust gas, etc. PDF template form for requesting a regenerator bed design (RTO Heat Storage Design) is available on request.

For specific inquiries and further information about our products, applications, and services, please contact us.


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