Category: Glass, Ceramic & Porcelain Industry

Production of glass industry, ceramic table ware and porcelain process

Production of glass, ceramic and porcelain industry is well known to be needing a high temperature and multiple heating process. Starting from the production of glass itself that involves the mixing, melting, forming, cooling and finishing. Prolific Group role in the production of glass falls into the melting process, and finishing process, in which glass is melted in the furnace; and many of complicated glass finishing process involves surface finishing such as with glass tempering furnace.

Meanwhile it is pretty much similar in the porcelain or ceramic industry. Except the usage of the porcelain is more widely use, because porcelain can be used also in the dental industry. Prolific Group has entered wider variety of industry by supplying many of the heating product for glass and porcelain industry through our products, such as: