PHI SiC Heating Element “EREMA”

Electric Resistance Material

“Energy Saving” 
“Environmentally Friendly”
“High Temperature”
“High Quality” results.


EREMA電気発熱体は高純度の炭化ケイ素で構成されており、日本の市場で最初に発売されたと考えられております。 EREMA電気発熱体は高品質の製品として認められており、世界最大の生産規模であると評判を頂いております。日本と海外の技術を組み合わせた長年の研究活動を用いた


EREMA elements are produced in modern & cutting-edge facilities
which are environmentally friendly and to support technological progress.

Key Features:

  • EREMA withstands as high as 1600*C (surface temperature)
  • EREMA generates high heat output per unit surface area, approximately 5-10 times the output of Nichrome wire
  • EREMA has high strength and excellent shock resistance
  • EREMA is chemically very stable
  • Heat source is free of noise and air pollution
  • Various coating products are available for protection against water vapor and harmful gas atmosphere
  • EREMA is easy to handle

Immersion Heater (Under Heater)

Prolific Heating International Co., Ltd facility, assembling Immersion Heater with highest standards and craftsmanship. With the most application for Aluminum melting & holding, EREMA has performed well in multiple furnace brands. Protected by highest quality material of protection tube, PHI assured the best quality SiC Heater & Protection tube for your Furnace Facility.

Immersion Heater also proven to provide multiple advantages; including of energy saving, easy installation, easy maintenance, and long durability.

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