PHI Protection Tubes “TKR Mitsui Kinzoku”


Hi-Cera SN*TB protective tube, for heater and thermocouple are use for prevention of fixing corrosion from molten aluminum.

Various parts such as thermocouple protection tubes, heater protection tubes, stalks and degassing rotor shafts are being used in the processes through melting furnaces to casting tables in the aluminium industry.

Silicon nitride fine ceramics is the best material to suit a variety of demands like

  • outstanding corrosion resistance to molten aluminium alloys and flux.
  • very good gas tightness.
  • excellent oxidation resistance up to 800oc and therefore long lifetime.
  • good thermal shock resistance.
  • the highest mechanical strength among ceramics.
  • very good wear resistance for rotating parts.
  • resistance against acids such as Hydrocoloric Acid (HCl) and Sulfurric Acid (H2SO4) which allows acid cleaning of the parts.