Non-Ferrous Seminar 2024

Casting the Future

Welcome to the Non-Ferrous Seminar 2024, where innovation meets excellence in casting technology. Held on 7th June 2024 at Nikko Hotel Amata Chonburi – Thailand, this seminar brought together leading suppliers from Spain, China, and Japan to explore the forefront of non-ferrous casting advancements.

Key Topics and Innovations:

  1. Casting Release Agent – NEOSIL by Metalflow:
    Discover the cutting-edge NEOSIL Casting Release Agent by Metalflow, revolutionizing mold release efficiency and performance.

    2. Mega Casting System – TiHo:
    Explore the Mega Casting System with TiHo, redefining large-scale casting capabilities with enhanced precision and reliability.

    3. Energy Saving Refractory – PROMAT by ETEX:
    Learn about PROMAT by ETEX, an innovative energy-saving refractory solution that optimizes heat management and durability in casting operations.

    Collaboration and Insights:
    This seminar fostered collaboration among international experts, facilitating insightful discussions and practical demonstrations to shape the future of non-ferrous casting technologies.

    Thank you to our esteemed suppliers and participants for contributing to a successful and enlightening event. Stay tuned for more updates on advancing the boundaries of non-ferrous casting at future seminars.