PHI Atherm Immersion Heater

Prolific Group is cooperating with ATHERM to supply immersion heaters for the aluminum industry. ATHERM is a French company that has continuously improved its skills in the design of immersion heaters and industrialization of thermal solutions for aluminum die casting holding furnaces over the past 30 years.

One of the ways of melting aluminum is by using an immersion heater. Aluminium Industry has been one of the versatile industries, as aluminum materials are used in many other industries such as automotive, aviation, food packaging, and many more. One of the basic parts of aluminum production is the melting of aluminum scrap or chip or ore.

Benefits of Atherm Ultra Compact Immersion Heater

  • Save your energy 30 – 40 %
  • Reduce your metal losses ~0
  • Increase quality of your product
  • Increase your productivity , save your space

A Full Range Of Power


The product range of immersion heater designed and customized to fit your needs

Production Made in France

700 Aluminium immersion heaters per year

Technical Assistance

Installation design phase  
assistance, commissioning
and training assistance

Some Concrete Achievements

Holding Furnace           
2 chambers, total 2T to maintain in temperature Heaters close to wall and need in power: 200kW

  • 5 immersion heaters dia 55, 40kW each, sheath 1050mm long
  • Lifetime more than 2 years
  • Piloted by a dedicated control cabinet

Melting Furnace                            
Large industrial melting furnace in terms of molten aluminum and immersion heaters smelt solid aluminum and temperature to hold at 750°C while smelting

  • 13 immersion heaters dia 32, 13kW each
  • Innovative industrial electric melting furnace
  • Fully environmental friendly

Crucible with Dynamic Reheating

  • 400 kgs liquid aluminium
  • 4 heaters dia 28mm, 15kW each
  • Reheating from 750°C to 800°C in 10 minutes : confirmed
  • A sensor detecting position of lid turning off heaters power
  • The relevant piloting cabinet
  • Quality of aluminium maintained

Filtration Unit
Flow rate of aluminium at 4T/h and need in maintaining and reheating

  • 3 immersion heaters in horizontal position, offering 9kW each
  • Physical and thermal dimensioning of heaters
  • Proven tightness solution
  • Relevant piloting cabinet

 Furnace with low bath level

Transfer ladle
A ladle of 1200 kgs of aluminum
Temperature losses during transfer furnace/ladle and pouring ladle/mold
The necessity to reheat before pouring into a mold
Keeping quality of aluminum

  • well insulated lid with holes for heaters
  • 3 heaters ø28, 15kW each
  • Reheating from 700°C to 760°C within 6  
  • minutes – relevant piloting cabinet

Continuous Casting
Heating plugs, a furnace for preheating of the plugs

Holding Road Transport Ladle

  • 6T
  • Need in reheating 10°C/h up to 830°C
  • heaters ø32mm, 1400mm long, 15kW each 3

Retrofit of Degassing Unit
Replacement of inefficient and expensive graphite heating blocks
Rotors creating high-temperature losses & a significant aluminum vortex
Possibility to have chloride and other additives

  • Implementation of 1 heater per chamber, dia 55mm, standing additives
  • Thermal, financial and qualitative efficiency of the solution
  • Small heating length fitting bath level, 11kW each
  • Good dynamic

Upholding During Maintenance
28 vault furnaces  45kW each, with corundum Aluminium temperature at 665°C 4 hrs to reheat before production restart when the temperature falls down to 630°C

  • 1 mobile station « Heat Pack »
  • 1 heater 32 & Ø 55 12,5 kW each
  • Gain 2 hours of maintenance on each 28 ovens, 2 times a month

Maintaining Aluminium Temperature in Launders

  • Low aluminium level
  • Horizontal mounting

For other products in Aluminium Industry or Non-Ferrous Industry, Prolific Group have dedicated products & teams, for more information click here.

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