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Thermocouple, which thermocouple has Type K R S Thermocouple is a temperature. measuring device based on the principle of changing temperature or heat into electromotive force (emf). It is made of two different conductor metals to connect the two ends together

Thermocouple wire

 It is a cable that is used for connecting to a general purpose temperature probe. To send the output signal as a voltage that can be measured directly Made from many materials such as silicone, PVC, corrugated tape, fiberglass and stainless steel, etc. In addition to the thermocouple wire that is important, there is also an extension wire, which is a wire used to connect. Or add from the thermocouple to the receiver may be called another name.

Compensating wire” There are 2 types:

1. Types made of the same type of thermocouple (for example, type E, J, K, T).

2. Types made of different metals and thermocouples (such as type R, S, B).

Type of thermocouple

Thermocouples are divided into 2 classes =

> class 1 has low tolerance, narrow measuring range.

>class 2 has high tolerances, wide measuring range In general industry, Class 2 thermocouples are preferred due to their lower cost. But if it is an industry that requires high resolution and high temperature Class 1 thermocouples are commonly used.

Thermocouples are divided into two types according to the metal type.

1.) Noble Metal material is a mixture of platinum and rhodium = Type R, S, B

2.) Base Metal Material is a mixture of common base metals = Type K, N, E, J, T

The use of each thermocouple

1. Type K (Type K). Type K is the most common thermocouple with a sensitivity of approximately 41 µV/°C, is inexpensive and has a wide range of probes in the -200 ° range. C to +1350°C.

2. Type R is made of 87%/13% Pt/Rh material – Pt, suitable for high temperature applications such as ceramic kilns. It can measure a maximum temperature of 1600 °C and is the type that is used as much as the Type S.            

3. Type S is made of 90%/10% Pt/Rh material – Pt, suitable for high temperature applications. With a maximum temperature measurement of 1,600°C, ITS-90 specifies a high-resolution thermocouple Type S range of 630~1,064°C, which is suitable for use as a standard in laboratory calibration Operate.