Professional for Help With Your Mesh Belt

Typically, a mesh belt is consists of stainless steel, 80 nickel-20 chromium alloy, and iron base with 30% nickel. All of these alloys which are effective to withstand high temperatures existent in a brazing furnace but still tends to oxidize easily. Also, these materials tend to carburize and become very brittle if the atmosphere is carburizing.

The most widely used brazing atmosphere includes rich exothermic gas which is typically comprised of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, moisture, carbon dioxide, or the balance nitrogen. When such atmospheres are dry, reducing and carburizing, belt damage is even more rapid. Consequently, atmospheres which are too oxidizing, reducing or carburizing negatively affect the life of conveyor belts.

Common mesh belt problems & defects
Broken edge

Edge broke with excessive stress and tension on the belt


Expose to oxidizing, reducing or carburizing atmosphere


Excessive friction from moving heavy parts can result in thin spots that lead to tears

U-shape bending

Improper loading

Unbalanced bending

Differential speed wrong on dual pulleys

Copper attack

Damage by acid, chemicals, or heat

Other phenomena
In-house check for reliability

Material certification

Load calculation

Inspection report / QA check

Report of mesh belt problem

The way to increase the lifespan of your mesh belt:
  • Proper selection of mesh belt features
  • Proper load calculation
  • Proper installation
  • Slow heating up at first running
  • Correct operation atmosphere
  • Parts loading and distribution
  • Periodical inspection
  • Proper maintenance
Mesh Belt Features
  • Material
  • Wire mesh type
  • Belt edge treatment
  • Belt size
How to maintain mesh belt
  • Regularly system cleaning
  • Check and adjust belt tension properly
  • Control oxidation level
  • Maintain properly straight, square, curving
  • Properly lubricate
  • Apply protective coating for reduce corrosion
  • Recalculate load require and adjust parts space

If you suspect the problem with your mesh belt, it may be time to call in a professional maintenance team at (662) 170-8171