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After Sales Service for Vacuum and Atmosphere Furnaces

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If you need your vacuum or atmosphere furnace serviced, repaired, or replaced, Prolific Group is the obvious choice. We offer the complete solution when it comes to ensuring your equipment operates safely. We will help you save money on your electricity & energy bills through cost saving solution.

IPSEN Vacuum Furnace



save cost and time

Reduces Chances of Breakdowns

Our Support Team is here to help keep your equipment running at peak performance. We know that minimizing downtime is critical. We will help you find the solution you need in order to get your furnace running as soon as possible and to minimize downtime through upgrades, parts, maintenance, repair, and service.

Cooperation (IPSEN & PES)

Cooperation (IPSEN & PES)

We offer the same high-quality workmanship and long-term results on every job we take on. If you are looking for furnace repair, there is one thing you will be looking for above everything else: not a quick fix, but a thorough and lasting fix. With the cooperation of PES & IPSEN team, we supply solution from the perspective of furnace maker as well as experts in after sales service.

Knowledgeable Technicians

Knowledgeable Technicians

Our knowledgeable technicians can diagnose and fix any problem that you might have. Our team of highly experienced can provide technical advice and support or can service or repair your products. So if there is anything you do not understand about furnace repair, or you want tips for future repair you can always ask our technicians.

Spare and Replacement Parts Available

Spare and Replacement Parts Available

Prolific Group supplies its customers with quality replacement and genuine parts provided by IPSEN for your furnace. We keep a large inventory of these parts on-hand to minimize downtime and ensure efficiency. Our team stay ahead of the changes in the industry and get your furnace done right every time.

Success Stories – Case Study

Repair insulation at the door of IHI / IPSEN vacuum furnace

Inadequate insulation can lead to costly electricity and energy bills because your vacuum furnace will be working harder to retain the desired temperature and also causing harmful consequences in one way or another.

With our improvement, you can effectively reduce energy costs and save money on your bills.

Helium leak testing and repair insulation in vacuum furnace


The helium leak testing of the furnace helped in maintaining its leak tightness during service under vacuum and prevent oxidation of fuel element. Helium leak detection is extremely accurate, quantitative and repeatable. Fast cycle times are a further advantage.

Reducing cost, wastage, and downtime of the machinery

Hot chamber overhaul

Part changing concept
Before overhaul 3


Shorter overhaul – lead time
Reduce Lead-time of shutdown by preparation of parts before overhaul

More Reliable
By working with the best brands and manufacturers in the market

After overhaul 3

Spare Part Availability
Help your system gain efficiency, ultimately saving your time and money

Cost Control
Utilizing local Engineers while supported only by minimal expert from IPSEN

Repair insulation and heater of vacuum furnace

  • Reduce working time by prepared critical parts
  • Reduce cost by change only damaged parts and utilizing local engineers
  • Using space area and equipment in Prolific

Installation of IPSEN Sealed Quench Batch Furnace

Whether you are going to need a new furnace installation or the replacement of an older one, our professional technicians will make sure you get satisfactory results. Our professional team are trained on what it takes to successfully install a furnace. We can also ensure you are choosing the correct furnace for your heating needs.


You will get the some following benefits:

Better Temperature Control
A smart IPSEN furnace system gives you the ability to control the variability of the temperature inside your furnace.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency
Cut costs from your business’s overhead when you install IPSEN furnace. The energy efficiency of your new furnace will reduce your utility bills, though, and save your business money in the long term.