PHI Thermocouples

& Temperature Control Systems


Temperature Control Systems

We supply various types of accurate thermocouples.

Prolific Group supply various types of accurate thermocouples. We also provide design, manufacturing and installation of temperature control system as complete systems solution.

With highly skillful engineers, and selected raw material, Prolific can satisfy demands from customers with high requirement for operation condition. In addition, to assure the accuracy of control systems and stability over the time, we also provide calibration services for thermocouples, temperature control systems and full heating system.

Our Services

– Supply of thermocouples and temperature control system both made to order and standard features
– Maintenance, repair and rebuilt
– Calibration by ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory
– Uniformity evaluation test on site

PHI Scope of Service

– Control panel design and assembly.
– On-site test run, adjustment, and fine-tuning. Software
– Improvement of users interface, PLC Touch Screen.
– Advenced programming Maintenance
– Systematic overhaul and repair Essential spare parts availability


Temperature Uniformity System (TUS)