PHI SiSiC Radiant Tube “INEX”


Innovative New Twist On Radiant Tubes
Innovators in Composite Radiant Tube Technology

INEX specializes in Composite Radiant Tubes (CRTs) used for indirect heat-treating processes. Our tube consist of Silicon Carbide (SiC) particles reinforcing a continuous Silicon (Si) metal-matrix formed using our patented melt-infiltration process. Introduces in 1988, these composite material completely eliminate common problems associated with metal alloy radiant tubes that suffer from Creep (deformation, distortion & rupture), Carburization (embrittlement & corrosion), Thermal Shock, Melt-Through, Weld Failure and Oxidation to 2450 °F (1340 °c) Chage to INEX and quit changing your radiant tube.

• Higher Operating Temperatures up to 2450°F
• Longer Tube Life
• Reduction in Gas Consumption
• Improved Recovery Rates
• Increased Combustion Efficiency
• Proven Savings

INEX conducted a year long test in a pusher furnace. Though this was considered a conservative test, the results showed a 10.4% metered fuel savings. The furnace was rated at 600,000 BTU’s per hour and was operated at high fire approximately 60% of the available time. A savings of over 300,000
cubic feet of gas resulted in an annual savings. With the cost of gas rising dramatically, plug in your own figures and see the savings an INEX Finned CRT can deliver to you!