PHI Molybdenum Heater up to 1450 °C


Prolific is a distributor of A.L.M.T for hyper material products. Our supplier is a top manufacturer having processing technologies of tungsten and molybdenum metal products.

We can comply with various processing request by our special materials and full line-up of production.

We can provide information of usage and cooperation in designing and full line-up production for special process that meets each customer’s needs based on the considerable experience we have accumulated in tungsten and molybdenum processing.

Additionally, we supply high quality, substantial evaluation, analytical instruments, and know-how.

Molybdenum has high melting point as same as tungsten but is easier to be processed. It is mainly used for high-temperature furnace parts, lighting, and electron tube. Using its characteristics – high melting point, excellent mechanical features, relatively easy workability compared to tungsten, etc. – it is an Indispensable metal in various applications: ribbon and wire in the field of lighting; and semiconductor substrates, glass melting electrodes, heaters and reflectors in high-temperature furnaces, and sputtering targets as wiring materials for solar cells and flat panels in the field of power electronics.

Molybdenum characteristics

High melting point

Molybdenum has the fifth highest melting point among metals. It has a low thermal expansion coefficient and extremely high shape stability even under high temperature environments.

Large electric resistance

Molybdenum has relatively large electric resistance. We offer it as a heater for high-temperature furnaces and electrodes for lighting.

Easy workability

Molybdenum, which has relatively easy workability among high melting point metals, can be applied for complex shapes such as boxes and meshes.

Reaction with gases

Reaction with molten metals

Product selection guide


The most common pure molybdenum material with high melting point, high temperature strength, good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent workability.


General molybdenum materials may cause pitch irregularities when grids are formed with high-speed coil winders. For the MOS type, we improved coiling performance and working range by adjusting components starting at the raw material stage.


A high quality molybdenum material that has overcome the disadvantages of conventional molybdenum brittleness and deformation at high temperature. It has excellent high temperature deformation resistance, high recrystallisation temperature, and wedge-shaped recrystallised structure. It is excellent in impact resistance even after being used at high temperature ; it also allows for deformation processing at normal temperature, with foldability larger than pure molybdenum.

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