Alloy Engineering & Muffle Alloy 

High-Temperature Corrosion-Resistant Products


PHI representing Alloy Engineering for supplying Muffle, Furnace Fans, Radiant Tubes and many other fabrication products which capable for high temperature and able to resist corrosion.

Usually, the inquiry will starts from designs and fabrication based on customer requirement and turn to a complete line of high-temperature, corrosion-resistant alloy products including :

  • Industrial and high-temperature fans
  • Muffles
  • Rotary retorts, batch and continuous
  • Pickling hooks
  • Catalyst baskets
  • ASME code vessels
  • Forced air coolers
  • Hydrogen annealing equipment
  • Radiant tubes


  1. Understanding the customer requirement & customization of each products installation & application
  2. Offering customer with solutions for increasing lifetime of the products.
  3. Fabricating product according to the design and material suggestion in order to reduce the roof collapse due to the defect on the product.
  4. Alloy engineering muffles are welded by ASME/AWS Certified welder to prevent atmosphere leaks.

The typical failure modes of your muffles

1. Collapsed Roof

Alloy Engineering can corrugate the roof or offer catenary designs that strengthen the roof and increase product durability.

2. Humping of the muffle

Alloy Engineering suggests allowing room for the expansion of the material, thus the design is adjusted with the size of the furnace, so there must be enough room for the muffle to expand and contract. Alloy Engineering has muffle designs with longitudinal corrugations to resist humping.

3. Buckling of the muffle floor

Hearth Plates inside the product will insulate the floor of the muffle to help prevent buckling and cross-wise corrugations of the product.

4. Disappearing or cracked welds (atmosphere leaks)

Alloy Engineering muffles are fully prepped welded by AWS/ASME certified welders and have 100% fusion of the base metal. So, in this case resulted to less cracks on the Our welds do not crack.

Service References

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