Retrofit (Prothermal Business Solution)

We have the capability for retrofitting, troubleshooting and provides solutions to achieve the desired reduction in energy demand, consider how retrofitting and improve the efficiency of the equipment for all types of furnace and related equipment within the Thailand and the South East Asia market.

We provide highly efficient solutions that deliver long-term results and the best value for your investment.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is proposed to stream online energy data for energy monitoring of the holding furnace. The energy data captured by digital power meters and PLCs was transferred to a central server using real-time Ethernet to better understand the process and identify improvement potentials.

Temperature Uniformity System (TUS)

Temperature uniformity is definedas the maximum temperaturedeviation in the work space of the furnace.
Temperature Uniformity in + /-K in the Standard Furnace settemperature with the work space of the empty furnace during the dwell time.
Furnace should be calibrated accordingly.


The Internet of Things (IoT)