Repair & Preventive Maintenance (Overhaul, installations, etc.)

PES provides comprehensive solution to enhance the production process in order to reach efficiency & effectivity. Our system design are customized design, engineered to fit your operation and manufactured exclusively by PES. We also provide installation and complete engineering services. Our services in repairing & preventive maintenance consist of:

  • Cleaning, Adjustment, Installation, Overhaul of Burner / Heater, Insulation & Refractory (Other products related to furnace & heating equipment)
  • Maintenance Service (Yearly, Monthly, Scheduled, or On Demand)
  • Reform / Advancement of Customer Demands/ Measuring/ Calibration/ Temp. Uniformity
  • Cleaning the brazing furnace, melting & holding furnace, vacuum furnace, annealing furnace, etc.
  • Leak Test of Gas and Air
  • Magnetic Force test solenoid valve
  • Emergency On-Site Repairs & Routine Maintenance

Overhaul Furnace

Cleaning Inside Furnace

Re-lining Insulation Brazing Furnace

Change Conveyor Belt