Furnace Services

Furnace Services – Installation, Repair Service, Overhaul, and Preventive Maintenance

Prolific Engineering & Service (PES) provides a comprehensive solution for furnaces in order to enhance your production process to reach efficiency & effectiveness. Our service comprised of customized solutions to your furnace engineering problems. With the furnaces that we supply, we are also able to support a turnkey project that includes installation & commissioning the furnace, until it is up and running.

While for the current furnace that you already have, we also support the repair, overhaul and most important to reduce your machine breakdown is Preventive Maintenance. Not only that, if your furnace/heater/burner or any other heating equipment broke down, we have additional service which is emergency service support.

So, to conclude, our services includes:

  • Furnace Cleaning, Adjustment, Installation, Overhaul of Burner / Heater, Insulation & Refractory (Other products related to furnace & heating equipment)
  • Maintenance Service (Yearly, Monthly, Scheduled, or On-Demand)
  • Reform / Advancement of Customer Demands/ Measuring/ Calibration/ Temp. Uniformity
  • Cleaning the brazing furnace, melting & holding furnace, vacuum furnace, annealing furnace, etc.
  • Leak Test of Gas and Air
  • Magnetic Force test solenoid valve
  • Emergency On-Site Repairs & Routine Maintenance
  • Furnace Preventive Maintenance

All of these services are solutions that customized to your problem. For more information, please contact us here.

Furnace Service: Overhaul

Furnace Service: Cleaning

Re-lining Insulation

Conveyor Belt Change & Repair

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