Conti-Control® Software

The Conti-Control® software is a computer management system developed especially for continuous and semi-continuous furnace systems. This software provides flexible process control, load size optimization and chart-based protocols. It optimizes production objectives such as cost control, repeatability, product quality and consistency, as well as operational safety.

The system provides a graphical display interface showing the complete configuration of the furnace installation, including tracking of individual tray positions with itemized parts information and tray movements throughout the furnace. The set points and process values of each controlled carbon and temperature zone are also shown.

The Conti-Control system records the specific load parameters and accurately controls the load-critical process parameters as the parts travel through the heating and cooling zones. At the end of the heat treatment process, all recorded parameters and metallurgical information are documented in a recipe, which makes them available for repeatable heat treatment cycles. Any necessary changes to the process parameters are automatically made by the computer, which also calculates the number of empty loads or idle times.  

This software gives the furnace operator complete control of the furnace, rather than just loading and unloading the furnace and/or taking instructions from a supervisor.

Operator functions include:

    - Keeping the job order production log
    - Processing a job using either rows of the pusher furnace
    - Verifying the proper heat-treat process
    - Correcting part identification, quality certification and specific documentation
    - Documenting and saving process parameters