Everything Under Control: Carb-o-Prof®.

The Carb-o-Prof® furnace control software assures you maximum efficiency with easy, comprehensive and reliable control, as well as analysis and process optimization. Ipsen's Carb-o-Prof® is a modular system solution designed to control a wide variety of processes; it dependably records and manages heat treatment parameters for optimum results and generates archive data and documentation.

Ipsen's development objectives for the new generation of this system included achieving even greater process security and stability, all while providing a system that is easy to work with. The latest version of Carb-o-Prof® sets new standards: the basic structure has been modified and is now even more intelligent and intuitive, and the operating design has been simplified and adjusted to provide maximum ergonomics.

All of these aspects work together to ensure that companies using Carb-o-Prof® enjoy a range of valuable benefits: time and cost savings through enhanced operating reliability and more secure, faster system handling. The interaction between hardware and software in the new version has been further optimized.

Carb-o-Prof® was built using proven, robust hardware components capable of withstanding the rigors of industrial production environments. This enhances the system's dependability, boosts ease of maintenance and repair and reduces the time needed for installation and configuration.