We are the distributor of various types of high-temperature heaters and components such as heat-resistance wires (up to 1400oc), Silicon Carbide Heaters (SiC, up to 1600oc) and Molybdenum Disilicide Heating element (MoSi2, up to 1850oc) both for standard and customized products. It can be used in wide-range of temperature for various industries. In addition, we can also design and co-design with our customers to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of our products as well as to meet our customers expectation.


MoSi2 heating element, developed by Winner, is a heating product using electric properties (differences in resistance). Its common temperature (>1500 or moreoc) is much higher than metal heating element for 1200oc or less and SiC heating element for 1400oc or less. Since rapid heating is possible and operational, producing very high efficiency, it is appropriate to industrial furnace, glass melting furnace, incinerators, and experimental furnace for R & D. Its power source is electricity so it does not produce harmful gases, being a worthy environment-friendly product.