Pusher Furnace

This furnace design is particularly suited for the continuous treatment of parts under a protective gas atmosphere. The extremely stable hearth structure is designed for high load weights. With single-, double- or triple-row configurations and free and/or press quenching capabilities, Ipsen Pushers will drive your parts through the full carburizing and ntriding processes, including: preheating, washing, tempering and cooling. All these processes are conducted in a fully-automated, "lights-out" system with customized layouts to fit your needs.

Multi-track designs offer high production flexibility as each track can move work pieces at different pusher speeds (cycle times) to allow for varying case hardening depths. Energy efficient designs, such as the Lock-Up and EcoFire systems, are also available.

The benefits of a Pusher furnace include:

  • High operational safety through sturdy design
  • Even distribution of protective atmosphere due to excellent recirculation
  • Optimum repeatability
  • Cost-efficient solution for treating large throughput volume
  • Multi-row systems for flexible processing
  • Designed for bottom loading front door to save energy
  • Floor-mounted oil quench tanks eliminate the need for costly pits