AutoMag 4.0®

The only constants in software development are constant change and constant progress. So it's no wonder that we didn't wait long to take our automation software to the next level with AutoMag® 4.0. We had three challenges in mind for this release. The first was providing a significantly more efficient use of energy and resources. The second, optimal reliability and third, even simpler operation. We succeeded on all three fronts with AutoMag 4.0.

Improved algorithms in the system's integrated planning tools are the key to its improved efficiency. They provide better capacity utilization and, therefore, higher production efficiency. Our newly developed batch planning system is unique on the market. It allows you to prioritize individual heat treatment batches as part of your overall process planning. AutoMag 4.0 not only allows process observation, but also optimizes the distribution of component batches to specific furnaces for optional, energy-saving use of your facility.