Heat treatment uses phase transformation during heating and cooling to change the microstructure in solid state. As the processing is most of them entirely thermal and modifies only structure, we Prolific Group; focus on the heating equipment by providing the complete products and services for Heat-Treatment furnace & its spare parts for Non-ferrous Metal for Automotive, Electronics, Aviation, Aerospace, Train, and Ship-building Production.

From the many processes of heat treatment mentioned above, Prolific Group is supplying the best quality products that focused on cost saving, temperature uniformity, temperature accuracy, durability, on-time delivery, and solution-based products:

Industrial Category Heat-Treatment Industry

Moreover, We are supplying other products for Heat-Treatment Industry such as Mo Heater (ALMT) and Furnace Circulation Fan and also we have the service part as “Prolific Engineering & Service Co., Ltd. (PES)” to support you. If you need more information, please contact us.